Make coffee
With 'No Mess' French Press
Meet Rite®
... We've removed the guesswork from the perfect cup by adding the key features needed to deliver great tasting coffee consistently.
Built-In Hourglass
Our built-in and simple to use hourglass
is set for precisely 3 min and 30 seconds.
Turn and count.
Integrated Thermometer
At Rite, we have built a thermometer into the French press to ensure an amazing cup of coffee every time.
Removable Bottom
French press cleanup is notoriously annoying. We've solved that issue with our removable bottom to conserve your energy, water, and time.
Double Wall Insulation
The double wall construction keeps your coffee hot for up to two hours.
The Look
... We've designed Rite for your Elevated Coffee Experience. With Rite you make coffee a breeze with a removable bottom, integrated thermometer, and built-in timer.
Featured On
It's reinvention! Why to create a bicycle from something we all know? Rite is a re-invention of a regular French press and it's way more better that we could imagine.
How to Brew
... Create amazing, full-flavored coffee and tea at home with effortless cleanup in under 4 minutes.
Measure and grind
your coffee
Use the hourglass
for perfect steeping time
Use thermometer for perfect water temperature
Remove bottom
for easy clean up
Tea Lover?
... The Rite Press is even great for loose leaf tea! Steep the tea in hot water and use the filter to push the tea leaves into the removable bottom for easy cleanup.
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